David Caldwell – Owner of Dalen Products, Inc. a 28 year old family-run manufacturer of consumer gardening products. The company sells nationally through Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, True Value, Petsmart, Toys R Us and similar retail outlets.

“Dalen employed Ed Groody & Associates to help bring about some significant culture changes in the working environment of the company. At the time, Dalen was experiencing some significant growth that was forcing organizational changes. To accomplish its objectives, management realized that team work skills at the senior manager and middle manager levels were lacking. It was also Dalen’s desire to create a healthy culture of community that is based on a set of strong traditional company values and behaviors. At the time Groody was brought in, there was considerable lack of unified commitment on the part of the management team to a common direction and factions were actively competing against each other. There were a number of tenured employees who were resisting organizational change being introduced by a new management team. Through management retreats, team building, and community building exercises, Groody and Associates worked to bring about some dramatic organizational and cultural change.
In addition, Groody helped the company design and implement a company wide planning process with all employee involvement to devise and formalize a short and long term strategic plan. The plan was accepted by the company workforce in a 2 day company meeting. Due to the success of this venture, the first phase of the strategic plan will be completed one year earlier than the 3 year goal the employees established. The meeting and the outcomes of this process were a huge success.
Ed Groody is an extremely creative and innovative individual who has brought leading edge methods and philosophies to the company to help Dalen maximize the outcomes of its culture and community building initiatives. Ed is also an excellent facilitator of large scale and small scale events. He has conducted one-on-one manager coaching with impressive results, and he has become an indispensable element in the whole culture team process at Dalen. Ed has been a consultant to Dalen for the last two years and, due to our continued success through his initiatives, his contract is being renewed for a third year.”

Kim Koser – Vice President Corporate Human Resources, William Morris Agency

“I had the good fortune to meet Ed Groody at the start of a very challenging phase of my own career. Since that fortuitous meeting, Ed has been a source of guidance and counsel in a number of different areas in the William Morris Agency including executive coaching, training, process mapping and strategic guidance on restructuring initiatives. There are a lot of good consultants out there, but what sets Ed apart is his personal character. In addition to being a change management and subject matter expert who is always up to speed on cutting edge methodologies in organizational development, Ed brings an intuitive and spiritual wisdom to his work. This wisdom, coupled with his profound insights and great personal strength, make him stand out from the crowd.”

Dr. Bill Judge – Professor and Executive Director of University of Tennessee Executive MBA Program

“Ed’s community building work is the managerial approach undertaken by the most progressive organizations. His change management consulting and training offers a process and the tools and skills needed to effectively implement change.”

Jan McNally – Chief Administrative Officer, Methodist Medical Center (MMC),Oak Ridge, TN. MMC is a 330 bed, full service hospital, serving East TN.

”I have worked with Ed Groody for the last four years in a variety of settings, and two very different companies, within a moderately large health system in the southeast.  While the challenges within both organizations were multiple and complex (they always are, it seems!), Ed and his associates were instrumental in helping our leadership teams develop action plans and an approach which was tailor-made for our needs.  Furthermore, in each case, we were able to achieve dramatic improvements with measurable positive results.  As the senior leader for each company, I believe I have gained immeasurably in my knowledge of change management, organizational dynamics and personal leadership skills through the relationship and work with Ed and the staff of Ed Groody and Associates. Like many leaders today, we did not possess the understanding and tools and techniques to drive the rapid changes required for a full turnaround effort in these organizations. Fortunately, we were smart enough to recognize this, and seek Ed’s help. I cannot say enough about the integrity he brings to his work in addition to the “technical” expertise.  I believe our results say the rest.”

John Pehrson – Product Manager, Dupont “I have experienced the power and potential of team building and community  building after participating in a workshop with Ed Groody. His supportive  facilitating style was able to shift the group to much deeper levels of  relationship and create bonds that have had lasting impact on my life. I  recommend his work to anyone who is searching for authenticity in their  lives and success in their organization or business.”

Roger Goff – General Manager, Valley Craft, Inc.

“On my first day as General Manager at Valley Craft, Ed Groody was there as well. He had been preselected by executive management at Liberty Diversified, Inc. their parent company, to facilitate the transition into a new management approach along with improved work processes. The employees were very frustrated with their current state, so I made the decision to continue with Ed to determine whether the two of us could work together and solve the issues. It could not have gone better. Ed guided our process redesign work so that it involved all the employees at all their different levels. During Ed’s work with Valley Craft, he facilitated and guided a two day off-site event to bring all employees on board. Using the Wholescale Change methodology, this event let all of our employees know that we were moving towards participative management and Lean manufacturing–and allowed everyone to express their concerns and ideas for improvement. We identified tactical objectives, problems that needed to be solved and created teams to achieve those objectives. Everyone was invited to participate and vote. People were engaged and stayed engaged. Now–four years later–employees are still contributing and actively identifying opportunities for improvement.”

Gaye Jolley –  VP Materials Covenant Health System, Knoxville, TN

“Our health system initiated a massive conversion of information systems over two years ago.  After an intensive study by expert consultants, consolidation of systems between our five acute care facilities was recommended in order to achieve greater efficiencies throughout our organization.  Having undergone previous system conversions, we realized that antiquated processes were not automatically updated by implementing a computer system;  quite the reverse!  Too frequently, work was duplicated by retaining not only the electronic information but the paper copy as well.  Systems tended to be structured around old processes, rather than new processes designed to optimize the new technology.

In order to progress from the “dark ages” to “modern technology”, drastic measures were needed.  Knowing that business process redesign (BPR) and rapid cycle change had worked successfully (on a much smaller scale) in other areas of our organization, our executive leadership supported using this strategy for our information systems conversion.  Twelve BPR teams were formed, consisting of end-users representing each entity to be impacted.  Goals of the project and non-negotiables were developed and approved by our executive leadership team.  Ground rules were established by each BPR team and adhered to religiously!  Each team met for a full 5-day work session and no one could believe how emotionally draining the entire process was!  Letting go of all those “the way we always done it” was challenging at best.  But the satisfaction and pride of each team member resulting from their participation was immeasurable.

The final culmination of all the hard work of the teams was a “big event” where the fruits of their labor was shared with other employees throughout our health system.  Costumes, props, scripts – all were carefully planned and orchestrated – one would have thought a Broadway show was underway!  The new processes were communicated in such an entertaining and memorable manner  – it made “buy-in” from others so easy!  The excitement in the room was palpable – finally an end to all those duplicate, antiquated processes!

Now, two years later, the fruits of our labor are measurable.  We have consistency in information and processes and truly know that we are using technology to its fullest extent.  Without the rapid change cycle process, the amount of change implemented during this time would not have been possible.  Only by allowing employees to design their “ideal” work processes will true successful implementation ever be realized.”

Testimonial Quotes for Sexual harassment training

Cara Stein – Co-Chief Operating Officer, William Morris Agency New York

“Mandatory trainings are usually not as interesting as other kinds of trainings. They can have a been there, done that feel. The Sexual Harassment Training provided by Ed Groody & Associates definitely does not have that feeling. It is lively and interactive, and it meets all the legal requirements. Ed is our preferred trainer in the area of Sexual Harassment.”

Yvonne Vega – Director, Global Human Resources, Fox Mobile Group (Former Director, Human Resources for SiTV)

“Ed provided our Sexual Harassment Training when I was at Si TV and I’ve never seen such a positive response from a SH Training. Ed’s approach was interesting, lively and highly interactive. The participants loved it and I saw immediate results. He’s the first person I’d call or recommend.”

Linda Inman, Human Resources Manager, Dalen Products

“Ed Groody’s Sexual Harassment training is fast-paced and highly informative. Ed’s use of multi-media was terrific and all of us found the training very valuable and enjoyable. The time flew by and everyone learned. Without a doubt, we will continue to employ his services.”

Kim Koser – Vice President Corporate Human Resources, William Morris Agency, Inc.

 “The problem with mandatory trainings is that they can be tedious. The Sexual Harassment Training designed by Ed Groody & Associates meets all the legal requirements but it’s also fun! We’ve used Ed’s training for several years now and will continue to do so. The training is continually developed and improved to keep it fresh.”


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