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Our approach is different from traditional consulting models. An overarching goal is to build internal capacity so that the client system can solve its own problems.


Change Management/Financial Turnarounds: Some type of change needs to occur quickly and effectively, i.e. merger/acquisitions, financial turnaround, culture change, restructuring, process improvement, implementing technology, rapid growth, improved teamwork. There is a need to overcome resistance, let go of the past, create commitment, and successfully implement some type of change.

Performance Problems/ Process Improvement: Productivity or work quality are low, processes are inefficient/ineffective and need to be redesigned, some problem needs to be addressed or solved (turnover is high, costs are high, etc.), a department or organization is not achieving results and needs to be turned around in some way. Staff levels are reduced due to lay-offs or attrition, but work levels must remain the same.

Culture/Morale: There is a need or desire to transform the existing work culture, behaviors, norms, and environment. Morale and employee satisfaction are low, customer service scores are inadequate, there is resistance to change, the culture is negatively impacting quality, efficiency, turnover. The culture is inconsistent with organizational values or the needs of the marketplace. Methods and strategies for changing culture, generating employee commitment, involvement and buy-in and improving climate and morale are needed.

Leadership/Management Development and Training: Leaders and/or employees seek to get to the next level and add to their skill sets. 360 Degree Assessments, Executive Coaching may be offered. Training Topics: leadership, management skills, communication, giving and receiving feedback, team skills, servant leadership, self-esteem, team skills, time management, etc.

Growth and Expansion: Leaders/Owners seek to grow and expand the organization/company and needs human resource, technical, planning, change management or other types of coaching, support and facilitation.

Retreat/Meeting Facilitation: There is a retreat or other meeting/event that needs a facilitator or presenter.

Conflict Resolution: Leaders and/or or staff are involved in an ongoing conflict or have ineffective relationships and communication. Previous efforts to address and resolve the situation have failed.

Strategic Planning: A strategic plan is needed to guide and align the organization. Leadership wants fast and effective methods to get staff input and commitment to the plan. A fast and effective method is needed for different groups or stakeholders to find common ground and develop action plans.

Implementation/Action Planning: Strategic Plans are completed but action or implementation seems blocked, at a stand still or too slow. Action Planning provides prioritization, accountability and clarity necessary to move forward successfully.


There is an extensive inventory of Organization Development (OD) approaches and methods. OD initiatives are designed to achieve specific goals, objectives and outcomes. In many cases, several methods are combined into a “package” to accomplish project goals. We are at the forefront of using cutting edge methods such as Appreciative Inquiry, Whole Scale Change, World Café, Future Search, and Community Building. Examples of major types of interventions:

  • Change Management/Organizational Transformation Activities
  • Diagnostic/Assessment Activities
  • Team-Building and Community Building Activities
  • Leadership Development and Coaching Activities
  • Training
  • Strategic Planning and Goal-Setting Activities
  • Technical Assistance, Process Redesign
  • Third-Party Peacemaking/Conflict Resolution Activities
  • Coaching and Counseling Activities
  • Public Speaking
  • Survey Feedback Activities
  • Inter-group Activities
  • Succession Planning Activities
  • Life- and Career-Planning Activities
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Techno-structural or Structural Activities.

Speaking Engagements and Training Topics

  • Change Management
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Personal Obstacles to Effective Leadership
  • Myers Briggs Personality Profile
  • Creating a Spirit of Community in the Workplace
  • When You Have To Change Fast
  • Engaging People In Rapid Change To Get Needed Business Results
  • Fairness And Respect In The Workplace
  • Spirituality In The Workplace
  • The Contemplative Executive
  • Contemplative Management
  • Team Building
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Listening
  • Diversity
  • Management Skills
  • Communication
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Appreciative Inquiry





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