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A Lean Conversion Succeeds through Culture Change:

Client: a mid-sized Minnesota-based manufacturer of fabricated metal products.

Problem: A previous attempt to convert to Lean manufacturing processes was failing, with widespread pessimism and strife among employees at all levels of the organization. Financial losses were mounting, threatening the financial viability of the company and increasing the possibility of significant layoffs.

Solution: Implementation of a Wholescale change process across the company. Strategic goals and a new tactical plan defined with input from across the organization, small groups organized with ownership of clearly defined challenges and goals. Ongoing continuous improvement processes implemented. Leadership development exercises applied, as well as new methods of measuring business performance. All of these improvements paved the way for implementation of the technical part of the Lean conversion process, which was then accepted and implemented.

Result: New energy, new hope and a spirit of collaboration emerged throughout the organization. The company returned to profitability approximately one year after implementation was completed.



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