Are people issues undermining your business?


We work with business leaders who seek to implement change, improve performance or accomplish some business goal – but are frustrated by resistance, apathy or lack of cooperation.

We specialize in helping companies overcome common but frustrating people issues such as resistance to change, lack of execution and follow-up, employee conflict, office politics, wasteful work processes and managers who don’t walk the talk.

Manufacturing leaders: Is your Lean conversion stalled? Have you invested significant dollars in training but have been unable to sustain a successful Lean culture? Click here for a case study

Health Care leaders: Are employees at your hospital experiencing difficulty adapting to a changing corporate culture? Will your new facility open on time — with efficient, aligned processes and engaged employees? 



Get Exceptional Results and find a Spirit of Community


Organizations don’t need to lose their Spirit or settle for less than superior performance.  Many leaders don’t know there are innovative methods that can engage employees in change, align the company around a common vision and transform their workplace into a productive and positive work environment.

You can get the exceptional business results you need and create sustainable change while bringing pride, commitment and a Spirit of Community to your company.

Accessing Wisdom in the Workplace


Strained by day-to-day demands or worn out from bad past experiences, leaders often wrestle with handling people problems effectively.  The truth is that failure in business is rarely caused by poor strategy.  Instead, it is a result of poor implementation caused by ineffective methods of communication, management and change.

Research shows 75-80% of all change efforts fail due to lack of trust, poor communication and other cultural issues.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard people try, change will not occur successfully unless the proper conditions are in place.  The first step is creating a vision, clear goals, specific accountabilities and measurable outcomes.  After that, it is a matter of effectively applying proven methods to engage the hearts and minds of employees and access the talent and wisdom that is already in the company.

About Edward Groody


Ed Groody and his team of consultants have been helping companies get exceptional results and create a Spirit of Community in the workplace since 2001. Ed specializes in helping leaders implement change in a way that engages and honors people. He has facilitated highly successful financial and cultural turnarounds in a variety of industries and corporate settings. He is a leader in utilizing innovative change, leadership and team building methods.

Prior to starting Ed Groody & Associates, Inc. he served as Director of Organization Development with Covenant Health, a large health care system serving East Tennessee. Ed is one of a handful of individuals to train and work with M. Scott Peck, M.D. renowned author of The Road Less Traveled and developer of the innovative group and team building process called Community Building. Ed was also a part of the leadership group that organized and facilitated the first men’s conferences with renowned poet and author Robert Bly in Minnesota in the 80s and 90s.


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